Launching a Brand

Got a New Brand?

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Preparing for Launch

To ensure your ad campaign is as successful as possible, there's prep work to be done: Collecting brand assets, setting up communication channels, aligning with your brand & more. We aim to embed ourselves into your business so we can grow it like it's our own.


Build a Funnel Blueprint

This is where we'll map out the exact strategy we'll use to test various audiences, ads, creative, copy, offers and more to determine what will work and what won't work. You'll approve the strategy and off we go.


Audience & Persona Planning

After preparing for launch, we'll have a clear understanding of who you're selling to and why they should care. We'll use this information to develop & test a targeting strategy that delivers the right message (and sells).


Crafting Campaigns

This is where our team gets down and dirty into the trenches; building out the first iteration of your ad campaign and getting it ready for your big launch.


Website & Optimization Analysis

At this stage we'll ensure your website or landing page(s) are ready to receive traffic and all key datapoints are tracked. We'll QA your pixel implementation, check site speed and other technical areas to maximize your chances for success and minimize bottlenecks.


Launch & Rapid Testing

We're live! Now we'll test several elements across all areas of your campaign to determine what audiences, offers and ad creative lead to the results you're expecting (and if not, we'll know exactly what needs to be tweaked/fixed along the way).


Strategic Optimization & Results

This is the stage where magic happens. We go through extensive testing, adjustments & optimizations with your campaign to get results. This is where all of our best case studies are born.

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