A Digital Marketing System For Golf Courses

How to Acquire New Golfers

Imagine a marketing system that attracts new golfers, familiarizes them with your course and allows you to monitor everything from a distance (including ROI).

Once built, this system will do just about all of the heavy lifting for you.

All you’ll need to do is deliver a great experience, but of course, that’s what your course is made for.

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Drive New Golfer Interest

Generate demand for your course.

Predictable Growth

Establish a profitable, predictable marketing channel.

Drive Membership Interest

Drive gateway interest for memberships & repeat visits.

Minimal Marketing Risk

Benefit from a proven marketing system.

Marketing Automation

Automate golfer notifications & tracking.

Creative Development

Build eye catching, personalized creative.

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We crafted an offer for a three-hour event that includes 1 hour of professional training from the club’s pro golfer. After this there’s a free-roam period where you can either do driving ranges, putting greens or a few holes on the big courses together with volunteers from the club. Ending the day, golfers will get a lunch from the restaurant at the course. In the first month we generated 65 leads which is roughly 2-3. 


Daily leads


Show Rate


Avg. Cost Per Lead


Converted to Members


New Golfers In the First Month


Show Rate


Lead to member conversion rate.


New Golfers In the First 3 Weeks

Initially, Falser Golf Klub didn’t believe in our strategy, but this was only because the digital marketing space was foreign to them. Now they’re getting roughly three warm leads a day! They are now believers in our way of generating leads. Every person who gets booked by the course also shows up and roughly 50% of them convert to memberships at the course. Not a bad rate for a course that has existed for 60+ years with no marketing experience at all. 

Digital Funnel Roadmap

The Strategy To Get More Golfers


Introduce your course and offer an undeniable experience.

Lead Generation

Customers happily provide their contact info & redeem your offer.

Customer Tracking

Monitor all incoming leads & measure ROI in a clean, concise interface.


Turn your golfers into fans that refer your course & make repeat visits.

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