Facebook has become far more than a simple platform for keeping in touch with friends. After more than a decade, the massive social media platform has become a place to connect with customers. In addition to that it is also a place to advertise to potential customers. What happens though when offline events advertised on Facebook generate sales? You’ll need to know how to track whether Facebook ads are contributing to offline sales, and here’s how. 

What are Offline Events?

What Is An Offline Event?Offline events, or conversions, are any sales that occur offline as a result of your online advertising efforts. For example, consumers who view a Facebook Ad for your brand but come into a brick-and-mortar location to make a purchase rather than buying online. Another example would be consumers who see your business phone number in a Facebook Ad and call to make a purchase rather than buying online.

How do You Create an Offline Event in Facebook Business Manager?

In order to track offline events through Facebook, you’ll need to go into the Offline Event Manager section of your Business Manager account. Facebook has a full rundown here, but from that Offline Event Manager tab you’ll have to click “Create Offline Event Set,” which allows you to set the type of event and then create it. From there you’ll be able to assign future offline events to your Facebook advertising campaigns.

How to Upload Offline Events

How To Upload Offline Events To FacebookFrom the same Offline Event Manager section, you’ll have access and the ability to upload offline events. When you the necessary data to upload, you can select the event set you are adding data to and click on “Upload Offline Events” to get started. From there you’ll click to “Upload File,” and select your relevant data to upload. It must be in .csv or .txt format and you can drag-and-drop the file or copy-and-paste data directly into the event. Facebook has a full walkthrough on this topic on their Facebook Business site.

The Offline Events API

Facebook also has an offline conversions API. It allows you to send the data you have from offline conversions directly to your Facebook advertising campaign sets. You have a Business Manager account, the Facebook app, and Business Manager access in order to take advantage. You’ll also need offline event sets already established in order to use this quicker approach to offline conversion data.

Tracking and Reporting Offline Events

Tracking and Reporting Offline EventsTracking and reporting with Facebook Business enables you to understand the actions consumers are taking, both on your website and through other offline conversion channels. Now that you’ve uploaded your offline conversion data, you can go to Ads Manager in your account and view the individual ad or ad campaigns that have offline conversion data.

Facebook Analytics is also available to help you analyze the data from your offline sales. You can see the trends in data and understand the decisions/behavior of customers that opted to purchase offline after viewing your Facebook ads online.

If you’re already running Facebook ads (or planning to), hopefully, this article sheds valuable insight on how to better track your ROI and ad impact to sale.

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