When researching digital marketing in the modern age, you are likely to hear a lot about the value and role of creativity. The word gets thrown around a lot, but it’s important to recognize the difference between creativity that starts to look the same as everyone else has on their website, and genuine creativity that is unique, different, and effective. So, what is the role of creativity in digital marketing?

Know the Creative Elements

Know the Creative ElementsWith each digital marketing campaign, there are different creative elements you can employ to set your dealership brand apart from the rest. What you use isn’t as important (because most brands will use these elements), as much as how you employ these elements to stand out in the crowd. To be creative, you have to know the elements:

Video: a powerful tool to grab the viewer’s attention quickly and hold onto it.

Photography: can be used to help you convey your dealership culture and products visually.

Illustrations: when deployed with text-based content you can build more engaging materials.

Content: this the meat and potatoes that helps you inform your customers.

Audio: enables more options for interaction with your brand through podcasts or other posts.

Color: a variety of color, font, and font size help you create unique narratives.

Integral to Communication

The creative side of your digital marketing efforts serves two vital purposes in communicating with your target audience. First, the creative efforts you use to shape the story of the brand that you are sharing with car buyers. The types of videos you generate and/or share, the content you post, and the photography you use help form a connection with customers that tells the overarching story that is your brand.

Integral To CommunicationSecondly, creative is going to be the first line of communication you have with car buyers. A video you share to your dealership Facebook page is what sets your post apart from others in the crowded newsfeed of your target audience. It will catch the eye and capture their attention for a few moments. This means it needs to be powerful, persuasive, and genuine. It is, after all, the first communication point you have with that shopper.

Execution is Key

Creative elements form the foundation of your digital marketing efforts. It’s important that your video, photos, content, and illustrations are well executed. No matter what creative element your deploying and through which medium (video on Facebook, for example), that creative piece needs to engage your audience quickly. Most importantly, it needs to set your brand apart from the competition in your market. The primary role of creativity in digital marketing is differentiation. What is it about your creative elements that are different from other dealerships? That is the question you should seek to answer when developing creative because it is that differentiation that will capture the attention of the consumer.

Execution Is KeyEngauge understands the role of creativity in digital marketing. We also understand how to implement the varying creative options into each client’s unique digital marketing project. Contact us today to book a free strategy meeting. See where your creative efforts are hitting the mark, and where they need improvement.