The way we consume media is changing daily. It’s clear that mobile is becoming the device of choice to consume video. Today, people are consuming more videos on their mobile devices than on their TV’s. By 2019, mobile will surpass TV as the medium attracting the most minutes in the US. If this is any indication of how we will consume media in the future then the launch of IGTV could be a game changer.

IGTV (which stands for Instagram TV) is designed to be an extension of your Instagram account. It can be accessed directly within the Instagram app, however, it also has its own standalone app.

So, how does IGTV differ from Instagram? For starters it’s built with the mobile user in mind. You can shoot, edit and upload your videos all from your phone. This makes it a great platform if you are a video marketing beginner. IGTV videos are strictly in vertical, full-screen format. Secondly, you have more freedom with video length. Instagram currently caps videos at 1 minute, while IGTV allows for videos up to 1 hour long. This is HUGE!

Although very different IGTV and Instagram do have some similarities. The way you engage with content is the same across both platforms. Likes, comments, sharing via a DM are all still ways to engage with IGTV videos.


Should you be on IGTV?

So, should you implement IGTV into your social media strategy? Let’s weigh some options and opinions…

Don’t feel obligated to be on IGTV because it’s the newest trending thing. It can be a really powerful platform for those who are able to put it to use effectively. But, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

If videos just aren’t your thing then don’t force yourself into IGTV. If you’re more passionate producing content for other mediums then do that. Also, if your audience doesn’t consume videos then what’s the point in creating them? Know your audience, know yourself. Stick to what you love and what your audience is receptive of. If your better off recording podcasts or writing blog articles then continue to do so. Don’t go all in on IGTV simply because “the Joneses” are.

There is, however, opportunity here to be an early adopter. This could potentially give you a running start against any of your competitors. This is a fairly new platform that isn’t yet cluttered with content. Your ability to stand out and gain attention is currently at a high, but that won’t last long.

There are zero restrictions to creating an account, meaning the door is wide open. Anyone who wants to be a creator is welcome so there are no hurdles to jump through to get started.

Usually, when establishing your presence on a new up and coming social media platform you have to worry about building a following. Growing an engaging and loyal audience is no easy task. IGTV has eliminated this headache. Your followers on Instagram transfer over to your IGTV profile. So every time you post a new long-form video to your IGTV your Instagram followers will be notified. This synchronicity makes getting started on the platform rather seamless.

Video is powerful! I know you have heard that before, but it’s true. As we experience more and more video in our social media it has become more evident that video is the new wave.

My prediction (for what it’s worth) is that at some point IGTV offers a subscription platform. It will allow users to pay some sort of fee to access various forms of content from specific users. This will allow you the opportunity to monetize your IGTV account. There is currently no advertising on the platform, yet. Given the overwhelming demand for space on both the Facebook and Instagram platforms my bet is that you will see advertising availability on IGTV at some point in the future.



If you are still reading this article, chances are you’re seriously considering implementing IGTV into your social media strategy. Great, lets touch on a few things to consider when developing your strategy

Don’t just repurpose your Instagram content.

No one is going to want to see the same thing everywhere. Your content should be specific to the platform.

Inspire, educate and entertain.

Your content should engage your audience. The goal is to always educate and inspire your audience and to do so in an entertaining format.


Always be testing. Post various types of content to see which gets the best engagement from your audience. This will help you find your wheelhouse. Build content that you know will be successful.

Quality vs Quantity

Don’t overproduce videos in the hopes that the more you post the more you will grow. This is not an effective IGTV strategy. You will want to create content that connects you with your audience. This is the way to grow your following effectively.


Content Ideas

So, you have your strategy in place. Now you need to start building out content. Each niche will be different and each business will be unique. But here are a few ideas how to create content specific for IGTV

Podcast Show

  • Cut a clip from an episode to tease your audience.

E-commerce Brands

  • Showcase a new product you are about to launch.

SaaS Company

  • Record a demo of your product showing people how to use it effectively.

Service Business

  • Produce a video highlighting some tips and tricks that will help your prospective client.

General Ideas For Everyone

  • Interview someone within your company.
  • Educate your audience with how-to videos and hacks.
  • Record a personal story about someone affected by your brand.
  • Post inspirational content.
  • Entertain your audience with a funny, but simple video that relates to your brand.

IGTV is still in the infancy stages. Although they are using data and feedback from its user base to fine tune the platform there is no doubt that it will continue to snowball. If it is a fit for you and your business then getting started now will allow you to be ahead of the game. In a year from now when your competition realizes they need to be on IGTV you will have already established your presence.

Have fun with it, take this new opportunity to really show your brand’s personality.