Email is often viewed, incorrectly, as an outdated mode of marketing communication. You can see how some would assume that email, which was been in widespread use on the World Wide Web for more than two full decades now, could be outdated in an industry that sees new advances on a seemingly monthly basis. Email marketing remains a vital piece to any overall marketing strategy though. So are there do’s and don’ts of email design to follow when building a campaign?

SmartInsights points to 2016 data that shows the automotive and transportation industry sees some of the highest open rates on email campaigns in the economy. The mean open rate on emails from dealerships and other automotive entities is 27.3%. The top quartile in the automotive/transportation industry see open rates of an astonishing 47.3%. Like any marketing scheme though, your emails have to be done just right. Here’s some do’s and don’ts of email design to follow when building your next campaign.

The Do’s

Obviously you want to create an email campaign that generates leads for your dealership. That said, the first thing you should consider doing is integrating eye-catching graphic visuals. The type of visual can vary from one campaign to the next. However, it should be prominently displayed near the top of your email so viewers see the graphics right away. Other important do’s for successful email design include:

Ensure Consistent Branding: Customer should never feel confused about the email sender, validity, or even message within your marketing content. Make sure the type, colour, and visuals used in your email are consistent with other promotional brand materials. This helps the recipient identify the sender and makes them more likely to engage with your CTA.

Use a Practical Layout: Use simple layouts for your emails to avoid confusion. Emails with a confusing layout suffer lower click-through rates. Use responsive designs. You should avoid exceeding 650 pixels in width, but more importantly, responsive designs ensure viewers can read your emails regardless of device. Remember, mobile is now leading the way. 54% of emails are opened on mobile devices now.  

The Don’ts

Among the critical mistakes that many dealerships make in their email campaigns is burying the lead. The goal of email marketing is to elicit a response from the reader, encouraging engagement that can lead to conversion. Make your CTA easy to find in the email. Use visually attractive elements to help it stand out, and most importantly, be specific! Don’t encourage them to “call now” or “contact a salesperson.” Instead, tell them what you want them to do. Entice them to “Schedule a Test Drive” today or “Take a Virtual Tour” of a model.

Other don’ts you should consider avoiding:

Don’t Drone On: People have busy lives, and if your email goes on and on you’re likely to lose readers. You should be able to communicate the reason you’re reaching out to readers, what you want them to do, and you should be able to do that without having them scroll continuously through the email.

Don’t Use Bulky Images: Visuals are great in your emails, but avoid large images (size) and large file sizes. Both take too long to load and will likely result in losing the interest of the reader.

In conclusion, email marketing remains a powerful tool for any dealership in reaching out to past, current, and potential customers. If you want to take your dealership’s digital marketing strategies to the next level, Engauge wants to help. Click here and you’ll receive a free digital marketing audit with one of our team members!