Marketing in the digital era is a 24/7 effort that requires keeping your ear to the ground. You need to stay ahead of all the latest trends. For many businesses, it is difficult to achieve success in digital marketing without an entire department of individuals working hard to reach that goal. That said, does your business really need a digital marketing department?

Fortunately, the need for a digital marketing department doesn’t have to come with massive investment on an in-house solution. Here’s how you can tell you need a digital marketing department, and how a third-party entity can help you achieve that outcome.

You Get a Team of Experts

Building your own digital marketing department from the ground up can be a costly endeavor. According to GlassDoor, the national average salary for a digital marketing manager in 2017 is $73,427.

Average Salary of A Digital Marketing ManagerThat’s the annual salary for one individual if you have your own department. Using an outside service that works with you to develop and implement a digital marketing strategy can save you thousands. Rather than pay the salary of one individual, or several, you pay one fee to get a team of experts.

Garner Outside Insight on Your Business

There’s a very good reason for companies to think outside the box. Namely the fact that the air inside that proverbial box gets stale from time to time. In order to remain on the cutting edge of digital marketing trends, fresh ideas and a new perspective are required from time to time. An outside digital marketing department brings with it fresh, unbiased perspective on your digital marketing efforts. It also provides honest insight into what is working and what is not. 

Stay Attuned to the Latest Industry Updates

An outside entity delivers a team of digital marketing experts for your company to take advantage of. Rather than overworking your own employees with day-to-day tasks as well as forward-thinking research, you’ll get an entire team of digital marketers to handle it all. We’re always researching the latest trends and updates in the field. Our team members go to industry events and conferences and bring that knowledge to bear for your brand. This helps you stay ahead of the digital marketing curve in your industry. Also, we recommend frequenting our blog to stay in the loop.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

The more you expand your in-house departments, the more your business has to focus on micro-managing different areas of expertise. Our digital marketing department has professionals with the skill to develop a digital marketing strategy, plan its rollout, execute the marketing campaign, and analyze reporting data to see where changes should be made. The result is that you can keep your company focused on the core operations that propel your brand forward.

Do More, With Less

Engauge Services and TechnologiesUnlike other third-party groups, our digital marketing department delivers with expertise in a variety of areas. We’ll handle all of your digital marketing needs in one place. We handle building email campaigns and creating graphic designs to writing first-rate web copy. As a result, from start to finish, we’ll streamline the process for you and deliver more, for less. 

Get the Latest and Greatest Technology without the Cost

Latest Digital Marketing Trends and TechWe’ve already invested our resources into a marketing department that has access to the latest and greatest technology in the field.

Instead of investing your own capital in all of this, you pay a singular fee to use not only the most up-to-date technology but also the professionals capable of putting that technology to work for your brand.

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