The web is not a static environment where you can post something, run an ad campaign, or create a website that never changes with time.

Design concepts, marketing tactics, and the preferences of web surfers are constantly changing. This means the design of your dealership website needs to be constantly adjusted as well. Here are five website design trends you should be adjusting for in 2017.

Use Videos

Use Videos on Your WebsiteThe use of videos on your website is a great way to skip content-heavy posts in favor of media-rich options that tell a vivid story. Video offers a great medium for telling your customers a story. It allows for information to be more easily (and quickly) digested by your visitors. It is also a great way of drawing interest and keeping attention. For example, on the latter point, you can share videos to your Facebook profile as a great way of catching the eye of customers as they scroll their social media feed. Your video post is likely to stand out much faster and more vibrantly than a short text post.

Forbes notes that video can be incorporated into web design to create “breathtaking and interactive experiences.” An example it points to was the use of video and virtual reality in combination for a new product release.

Produce Authentic Photos

Produce Authentic PhotogrpahyModern smartphones are capable of capturing photos that boast impressive quality. However, sometimes it’s the individual behind the lens that can make all the difference. There’s nothing wrong with producing photos of new models in-house. However, your dealership might want to invest in hiring photographers to shoot specific images. You can go onto any dealership website and see the same cookie-cutter material that shows you interior and exterior angles of a new vehicle, but that doesn’t help your site stand out.

Instead, hire a professional photographer to help customize the images you post to message you want to send to customers. If you’re promoting a new truck model, you can sit down with a photographer and go over the message you want to convey. This enables your photographer to provide photographs that capture the essence of the message regarding that new truck.

Focus on Content

Video catches attention faster than content. However, a website devoid of content is still going to suffer in the long run. Think of video as the means of getting customers “in the door” on your website. Your content as the meat and potatoes that keeps them there. Content allows you to expand upon your knowledge base to showcase the value of your dealership to visitors and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Go Big and Bold with Beautiful Typography

Use Big, Bold TypographyThe modern world is one that is overcome with information. Videos, infographics, headlines, and content all combine to overload the mind of some consumers. You can help your dealership brand standout using big, bold, beautiful typography that catapults your titles and headlines to the top of the viewer’s mind. Using bigger typography, you can boldly dedicate more screen space to selling points> You can also provide clear, concise statements in an appealing type that powerfully captures the attention of visitors.

Incorporate Animations

For a truly creative touch, consider incorporating animations into your website design. It’s a unique way to convey a message to viewers. It is ideally used when creating how-to articles or tutorial pieces. The use of animation doesn’t stand alone, but rather improves the overall experience of the content. It makes it feel more engaging.

If your dealership website needs an overhaul, we’re happy to offer free website audits. We’ll look through your design themes and help you develop an approach that improves conversion rates and assist in building the strategy that implements those changes. Book a time to set up your FREE audit today.