In case you missed the big Summer 2017 news, Facebook now boasts 2 billion monthly users on its social media platform. Only YouTube is within striking distance of that figures, and that’s being generous considering its 1.5 billion monthly users is still 500 million shy of Facebook. With so many customers in North America and around the globe using Facebook, it has an immense reach unlike any other for your posts. If you’re struggling to get more views and shares, and can’t encourage engagement, here are some tips to help boost the performance and visibility of your posts.

You Need to Catch Their Eye FAST

Grab Attention FastIf you want to boost views and shares for your posts, you need to create content that captures the viewer’s eye (and attention) within the first 3 seconds. The best way to do this is to use creative content. This includes a colorful image, GIF, or video that stops the user’s eye as they’re scrolling down their feed. Rather than breezing past a simple text post, creative content catches their attention and gets them looking at your posts. Videos, in particular, are an increasingly popular eye-catcher on Facebook. On average, 8 billion videos (100 million hours worth) are viewed on Facebook every day!

Create Platform-Specific Copy

Different types of social media platforms attract customers in different ways. Instagram, for example, is very image focused. When you’re trying to boost engagement and viewer action on Facebook, try using platform-specific copy that you won’t use on other social media platforms. Using the same copy becomes mundane to viewers who are active on various platforms themselves and notice your content is effectively copy-and-pasted from one profile to another. You need content for Facebook that appeals to that specific audience while taking advantage of Facebook’s unique options.

Use Engaging CTAs

Use Engaging CTAsWhether you’re sharing a meme, GIF, new-product photo, how-to video, or a simple text post on your Facebook page, it needs to have an engaging call-to-action that asks your audience to take a particular action. If you post a video for a new product, encourage viewers at the end to comment in the thread below. Did you share a new product PDF or promotional photo, encourage customers to like and share for a discount on the new release.

Tag Other Pages

Tag Other Social PagesOne of the simplest ways to increase the viewership for your posts is to tag other pages when you’re posting. This technique will also boost the potential for shares. You can tag other users, such as professionals in your industry that contributed guest content or appeared in a video. Alternatively, you can even tag a supplier that worked on a new product. Either way, you’re increasing the potential for reach and engagement on your post by reaching out to the followers of other pages/profiles.

Be Social and Grow Your Audience

Social media profiles are useless without action. Your sales team needs to be active within your social media strategy and interacting regularly with followers and others online. For example, seek out local influencers, find their posts, and interact with them to boost your own visibility. Tag those influencers on your relevant posts to continue the outreach. Also, encourage communication between your followers, your brand, and followers of the influencer.

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