There is plentiful information available online that can help you figure out how to build a dealership website that successfully converts viewers into buyers. However, what you won’t find many posts on are the features of your auto dealer’s website that customers absolutely can’t stand. From pop-up ads to poor navigational structures, let’s take a stroll through the features people can’t stand on your website that could be hurting conversions and engagement. 

The Content Itself

One of the most frustrating experiences a customer can have revolves around your content. Your dealer website may land high in Google SERPs, encouraging customers to click the link and visit your site. However, there are a number of ways your content can leave customers fuming. First and foremost, if your content is sparse, it leaves customers with too little information. Too much content or poorly structured content can result in a page that takes too long to load. In either event, customers leave your site frustrated and with a bad perception of your dealer brand.

Poor or No Optimization for Mobile

Poor or No Optimization for MobileIf your auto dealership website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re going to fall behind consumer trends. According to Fortune, mobile usage has exploded to 13.7 trillion megabytes as of 2016, that’s 35 times higher than 2010. Surfing the web on mobile devices is the new trend. Due to this, poor optimization of your site could hurt you.

A bad mobile user experience will drive your bounce rates up and leaves you facing the risk of potential customers going to your competition instead. Want to avoid this issue? Search Engine Land recommends:

Avoid using Flash

Properly size your content

Use smaller fonts

Space out touch elements

Too Many Pop-Up Ads

Too Many Pop-Up AdsAds pay the bills, but if you’re using too many pop-up ads or not doing enough to prevent them. That added revenue won’t materialize because fewer visitors will come to your dealer website over time. In fact, you’ll find that not only are fewer people visiting your site, but your dealer website may fall in search engine ranking as well. The Verge notes that as of 2016, Google will begin punishing websites in its SERPs rankings for using too many annoying pop-up ads. As such, be cautious and use ads only in moderation. Also, make the ones you do employ dynamic in terms of who they target and when they appear.

Poorly Structured Navigation

Poorly Structured NavigationLanding pages are great for capturing the attention of visitors when they come to your auto dealership website. However, if they can’t easily navigate beyond the landing page to find the specific information that drew them to your site in the first place it comes incredibly frustrating. Customers want information that is easy to find and requires as few clicks as possible to navigate from landing page to desired content. Bounce rates will increase if your navigation isn’t properly structured.

Too Much Obnoxious Stock Photography

Stock photographs are great in that they save you time and effort, but to overuse of stock photos also negatively impacts your brand. Generic photographs such as stock pics don’t tell a unique story for your dealership, and rather than helping you stand out in the crowd, you blend into the background.

Not sure how your website is performing in these fields? We’re offering free website audits to help dealership marketing teams identify and solve these major mobile interface and experience issues.