Let’s face it, social media isn’t a fad that will soon fade away. It has become a staple in the way we communicate with one another. With 1.32 billion daily active users and a total 22% of the world’s total population using Facebook it is safe to say that social media is a giant still continuing to snowball. With that much of the worlds attention it is no wonder businesses have been taking advantage of the Facebook platform by adding it to their digital marketing arsenal. If you’re not already leveraging paid social media for your business then you need to start doing so, like now. Chances are some of the reasons your using to talk yourself out of social media advertising are founded on myth. Let’s take a few minutes to bust the top 5 myths about paid social media.

1. Facebook advertising is only for B2C brands.

This is probably the most common myth we find ourselves busting on a regular basis. Facebook ads can be effective for both B2C as well as B2B. Remember, the Facebook platform is made up of people. Those people work for businesses, including the ones you want your message in front of. That means with an effective strategy you can get in front of the decision makers your aiming for. The granular targeting options on Facebook allow you to really pinpoint, and then market to, those individuals. Demographic, employer, industry, job title are just a few of the vast array of ways Facebook allows you to target only the right people who you define as your ideal audience. Leveraging social media for B2B works, we have clients and results to prove it.

2. Boosting posts can get results and get the word out about my business.

Boosting posts is great, don’t get me wrong. With the recent major changes to the Facebook news feed, boosting your content is a good play. However, it needs to be done appropriately as part of a larger strategy.

You need to also be layering paid ads on top of your organic and boosted content.

Boosting posts is a great way to create a “marketing list” of people who have engaged with your brand. This enables you to back in front of that marketing list to hit business acquisition/sales goals. Your KPI’s in follow up campaigns are to gather leads, boost sales. etc. In short, boosted posts are a great way to create engagement, get interested people into the top of your sales funnel and create opportunity to re-engage with those people at a later time (promote offers, talk more about your product/service, etc.).

3. It’s too expensive.

Facebook offers the most cost effective marketing platform right now. Period. Those who find this type of paid advertising expensive are usually those who have been running blind without a proper strategy.

The absence of the right strategy can leave opportunity and profits on the table. And as a very cost effective platform right now, it’s just a matter of time before more big brands shift traditional marketing budgets to Facebook which will drive up costs. That’s not to say it will outright remove opportunity for SMB’s and Ma and Pa shops; it will just mean more of a fight to get attention which may slightly increase the cost to play. Remember, with Facebook ads you’re in full control of your budget.

When we work with businesses it’s all about establishing the right strategy, starting small (if they’re just getting started) and scaling ad spend when a profitable point has been reached.

4. You can get better results using Google Adwords / SEO / etc.

Having a holistic digital marketing strategy is important. However, saying one channel is better than the other is the equivalent to saying that plumbing is more important than electrical in a home.

Facebook is a marketing platform that you need to approach VERY differently than Google or any other platform.

What matters most is how you use each platform as they’re designed and how skilled you are at reaching your potential customers on each. We’ve seen businesses do extremely well on Facebook that were skeptical about it working for them, and have turned business down for businesses that we knew just wouldn’t do well on Facebook.

5. They just don’t work.

They do when executed properly. By building an tailored strategy and clearly identifying what your KPI’s are Facebook ads will be successful. A cookie cutter approach will not be effective, you need to build a strategy based on your goals. You also have to remember that this isn’t a set it and forget it system. You need to regularly test, report, analyze, and refine your campaigns. A strategy that includes regular TLC will is what will differentiate the successful paid strategies from the unsuccessful.

There are other myths about paid social media floating around, we just wanted to address the top 5 we hear regularly. If we missed any that you want to address feel free to hit us up. We would love to jump on a call with you to bust your paid social myth.