If you don’t have a strong social media strategy in place for your business, chances are you’re missing the boat. And by that, I mean leaving leads, sales and revenue on the table.

Facebook is particularly where so much untapped opportunity lies, and the front door to that opportunity is the ability to laser target the audience you want.

Would it be nice to attract more of the ideal customer already buying from, and/or interested in your business?

Want to build an entirely new source of leads that creates warmer sales conversations?

Read on.

It all starts with an excellent targeting strategy. Here are 3 fundamentals your business should be taking advantage of:

1. Duplicate your ideal customer base:

Duplicate Your Ideal Customer Base on FacebookFacebook allows for excellent ways to do this. And they’re fairly simple:

  • Upload a list of your buyers, and use Facebook’s proven algorithm/system to target others who are a match.
    Example: If your business has a tendency to sell to men between 30-55, located in X city, with an affinity for local sports teams, Facebook can put your business/message in front of MORE men who fit that same profile.
  • Take a look at your website’s demographic data using Google Analytics, specifically those who submit leads or perform a high-value action.
    Example: If men & women between 25-35 who have shown an affinity for a competitive product/service are most comfortable interacting with your site, use Facebook to bring more of those people to your website.

2. Hone your targeting with great copywriting:

Once you’ve got your audience targeting in place, it’s time to further qualify customers through great copywriting.  And, I have to be honest – this is such a critical area that I see so many advertisers miss out on.

We need to think about copywriting as another layer of audience targeting. Here’s what we need to consider:

What’s the frame of mind of your target audience?

How can you properly story-tell / position your message to that audience?

What action do you want the customer to take? Why should they?

Improve Cost-Per-Lead MetricsEnsure copywriting is done with attention to detail, and it can make all the difference. We’ve seen cost-per-lead metrics improve 200%, 300% and beyond when monitored, optimized and executed properly.

3. Scale great results through Lookalike & Custom Audience targeting

Scale With Facebook Lookalike AudienceGoogle & Facebook have been making great strides in recent years with lookalike targeting. Lookalike & Custom audience targeting is essentially your way of giving algorithms a specific, clear picture of the type of person you want more of.

Once you’ve got a great performing campaign that is driving great results for your business, you can upload a list of customers who have come through your advertising efforts. Facebook will then model that customer list, and basically target people who look alike.

Simple as that.

You can literally have a super salesperson out there on the internet, hawking down potential customers, predicting from a distance that they have a great chance to do business with you.

Are you taking advantage of this?

One thing I haven’t mentioned: Facebook is incredibly underpriced as an advertising platform and while this article covers 3 fundamentals to targeting, it really is the tip of the iceberg in executing a great campaign.

Want to learn a bit more about exactly how you can take advantage of social media advertising?

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