Facebook doesn’t boast 2 billion users around the world because it’s a rinky-dink operation. The largest social media platform in the world attracts billions of users because it delivers for both social activity among users, but also marketing and advertising appeal for businesses.

If your dealership is using Facebook Business to connect with customers and fans on social media, there are a lot of tools at your disposal to help you hone your digital marketing campaigns.  

Facebook Insights help you better understand audience engagement on your Facebook profile. However, not all dealerships maximize the benefit. Here are three insights from Facebook you might not be using enough.

Local Insights

Facebook Local InsightsThe vast majority of automobile purchases still comes as a result of foot traffic to your dealership’s lot. Although you are using Facebook to reach out to consumers, the real goal is to get them on the lot looking at cars. Local Insights allow you to understand which customers saw your ads on Facebook, and came within 165 feet of your business. 

Local Insights is a great way to understand how impactful your campaigns have been at getting people off their computers or smartphones and onto the lot looking at cars, talking to your sales team. You can also use Local Insights to better understand the people in your area and obtain detailed demographic information.

Facebook Posts

Facebook Post InsightsAnother important tool with Facebook Insights is the Posts tab. It is divided into three sections that allow you to break down the activity of your visitors. First, you can view when your fans are online and interacting with your Facebook content. The type of post matters too, allowing you to see the average reach and engagement of the different posts type you have put on Facebook. Finally, you can even see the engagement of posts from the other pages on Facebook that you are watching.

This information will highlight the times when the most eyeballs are looking at your content. Use this information to schedule when your posts appear online for your audience to view. This allows you to maximize the reach and potential engagement for each post.

Competitive Pages

Facebook Competitive PagesOdds are you aren’t the only dealership in town trying to attract customers. You can use Facebook Insights to see how your audience is engaging with content compared to your competition. This will provide you data on the activities and actions of your competitors. You will be able to see if your Facebook post volume and type could or should be increased, or even decreased. As such, you can look at your high-level competition to see what is generating the most engagement. 

Social media is a powerful tool for any dealership. It definitely helps get customers off the web and onto your dealership lot. If you’re serious about your social media strategy, it’s time to go to the next level. Engauge would love to sit down and have a conversation with you about your Facebook activity. We’ll give you a free, expert audit on your business with no strings attached.

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